Certification for Sound and/or Vibration is open to firms that meet NEBB criteria, including: Have operated for a minimum period of 12 months continuously as an installing piping contractor; installing sheet metal contractor; installing mechanical contractor or contractor engaged in TAB work.

Firms certified by NEBB in either Cleanroom Performance Testing, Building Systems Commissioning, or Fume Hood Testing, as well as firms engaged in sound and/or vibration measurement, are also eligible. 

Letters of endorsement from consulting engineers and architects in the firm's area are required upon application. The letters of endorsement are not required for firm that are already NEBB-certified in another discipline, i.e. TAB, Cleanroom Performance Testing, Building Systems Commissioning, or Fume Hood Testing.

Be a member in good standing of a local NEBB Chapter. Possess, or have availability to, the various instruments listed below which are required for certification.

  • Confirm in writing that it will conform to the NEBB guidelines for the calibration and maintenance of the instruments required for certification.
  • Possess the current NEBB Procedural Standards for Measurement of Sound and Vibration.
  • Designate in writing one or more supervisors who hold a management position, who will represent this firm and be responsible for the supervision of sound and/or vibration measurement and testing.
  • A supervisor may hold one (1) of three qualifications by meeting the requirements outlined below.

Sound  & Vibration Certified Professional Qualification

The certified professional must meet minimum qualifications which can be found by clicking here.

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